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About Nong Khai




Nong Khai

A "Property Paradise"


Tel: (English) ++66 (0806 707 036)
(ไทย) ++66 (088 310 5806)




Why live in Nong Khai ??

Here are the "top ten" reasons for living in Nong Khai.






1.        Nong Khai has a great future ahead of it because it's a border town only a few kilometers from Vientiane the Capital of Laos. There is a great deal of trade between the two countries and this trade is steady and growing fast. Nong Khai benefits from Tourism. Huge numbers of Lao people cross into Nong Khai every day to buy just about everything to take back home. The Chinese are building a wide gauge high speed Rail link from China all the way down through Laos crossing into Thailand via Nong Khai and going down to Rayong and Bangkok, and on to Singapore, more business, more wealth creation, more jobs.


2.        The Mekong river, it is one of the largest rivers in the world, massive, graceful and beautiful. It has an abundance of fish and wildlife. Many species of the fish are edible including fresh water Ray and giant Cat fish both of which are simply delicious and free of small bones. It is possible to buy land that has river frontage, the views are fantastic awesome and beautiful. The rivers timeless and graceful flow brings about feelings of tranquility and contentment. You can buy or rent a small boat and enjoy hours of fun fishing or just lapping up the atmosphere.


3.        The weather, October through April is distinctly cooler with daytime temperatures in the low to mid twenties and at night down to fourteen to eighteen degrees making sleeping easier and more restful. During this period, the sun shines most of the day everyday. About the end of April, the weather gets hotter and more humid and you have the occasional thundershowers. This lasts until late August and then you have about two and a half months of rainy season during which time it rains usually in the afternoon during the night and occasionally all day. Overall, we have fantastic weather most of the year.


4.        Air Quality, Nong Khai has air quality amongst the best in the world according to the World Health Organization and is listed as number two in Thailand. Only Khow Yai national park has slightly better. Nong Khai has no large industry or factories to pollute the air; it is largely a farming community with some of the best quality vegetables and rice grown locally.


5.        Connections, Nong Khai has a border and friendship bridge with Laos. It is close and easy to travel to Vientiane the capital of Laos and enjoy the fine restaurants, French influence and charisma that that city has to offer. You can travel to many other parts of Laos and southern China from Vientiane Wattay international Airport. Travel north to the mountains or lakes, visit the Casino or go to Vang Vien and see some of the world’s most stunning scenery.  Nong Khai is only 55 kilometers 30 miles from Udon Thani that has daily cheap flights to Bangkok (50 minutes) and other destinations such as Phuket and Chiang Mai. Nong Khai has a main four lane highway to Udon Thani, Khon kaen, Nakon Rachasima and Bangkok. It also has a direct overnight rail link to Bangkok.







6.        Shopping, Nong Khai has a unique shopping experience waiting for everyone. It has a shopping mall, with all the usual name brands including Boots, Starbucks and S&P, a Tesco Lotus superstore and a brand new Makro superstore. There is a large IT store with many computer and cell phone shops.
It has the wrld
famous Indo-Chine all day every day under cover market. It has a massive morning market with some of the best local and national produce in Thailand at some the lowest prices. Authentic genuine French bread is available fresh and imported daily from Laos  for only 10 baht a loaf (see photo’s). Cattle are farmed extensively in Nong Khai province and they feed on grass which makes the beef better tasting and a whole lot better for your health.

7.       Scenery, There are hundreds of square kilometers of top quality Jasmine and sticky rice paddies, small mountains and lakes all of which make beautiful views for residents and tourists alike to enjoy. You can see the large mountains of Laos across the mighty Mekong from Nong Khai and the river itself is simply sublime.


8.       The People, Nong Khai is a little bit cosmopolitan in that it has a number of Chinese ethnic Thai’s as well as Vietnamese and Lao residents in the Town. They contribute to Nong Khai life making it interesting and colorful. The Nong Khai people are generally kind, very polite and still have that famous Thai smile. Lao is the local language and is spoken both sides of the border, People learn Thai and can speak it but Lao is the language of daily life. Nong Khai people are very friendly and willing to help a stranger, there is a lot less use of the word “Farrang” and prices in the food market are often marked for all to see making things a bit fairer. Crime is much less than other parts of Thailand and although you can have a problem Nong Khai is pretty much a safe city.


9.       Houses, land, Real estate, House and land prices are increasing rapidly, real estate investment made in Nong Khai is going to appreciate in value. River front land especially to the east of town is showing healthy gains, basically because the secret is out, Nong Khai has it all. It has a very steady wealth and growth profile that is showing a consistent upward trend along with all the right reasons for it to continue.


10.         Infrastructure, Nong Khai has good public and private schools including one of the top scoring public schools and one of the best private sector schools, St Paul’s Catholic school. It has a major public hospital and some good private clinics. It has road rail links and is close to two international airports with easy connections to China,  Vietnam, Laos, Europe and America, “its got it all”  It has some great riverside restaurants and nightclubs including a top Vietnamese. It has several paved walkways along the river so that you can enjoy the views.

Oh and one more reason, We nearly forgot Number 11!!!!!  Nong Khai has the best looking and nicest Girls in Thailand.

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