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Nong Khai a property paradise

Nong Khai a Property Paradise

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"Why" is Nong Khai called a property Paradise ?



The answer is many faceted. Nong Khai has a strategic geographical position with regard to trade with Laos, China and Vietnam. It has lush well irrigated land with no shortage of water year round. It is positioned such that it forms an important part of an ever growing well established trade route. The volume of this trade is sure to grow because of the express rail link, which will run from southern China through Laos into Thailand via Nong Khai,  then south to Rayong, Bangkok and on right down to Singapore. Trade will also grow because Laos has more and more disposable income from its mining and electricity generation along with income from the many other wealth creating industries financed by China. China has through trade into Thailand via Laos into Nong Khai because of the friendship bridge and rail link. Vietnam also uses this and there are a number of Vietnamese busineses in Nong Khai.


How does this affect you the prospective buyer of land and or houses and what makes it a paradise?


Business and or the perception of desirability of a given area of land determines the price. Nong Khai has growth from its import export international trade together with some stunningly beautiful scenery especially along the banks of the mighty Mekong River. The land in the province of Nong Khai is of the very best arable variety and the rice crop is amongst the best in the world for quality. The climate and the exceptionally clean air (amongst the best in the world) make Nong Khai a very desirable place to live. This of course has not gone unnoticed; as a result, there is growth from both people and busineses that are relocating to the area as well as internal growth within Nong Khai province.


There is still land available at a reasonable price. Riverside land has doubled in price in less than three years. There has been a modest slow down due to the world economic situation however, land prices are still growing and speculative buyers are starting to trickle in from other areas of Thailand.


Our advice, granted a prejudicial one is this, Buy your piece of paradise now, or at least in the very near future. Then enjoy a great new lifestyle with the added benefit of seeing your investment grow at a very satisfying pace.



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