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Gaudi Design Construction and Tiling

Antoni Gaudi was a famous 19th century architect whose many works and buildings can be seen today in Barcelona Spain. His work is acclaimed worldwide and millions of visitors view his wonderful designs and unique tiling every year.

In 2011 we began building our first designer Villa in Thailand with just a taste of Gudi tiling. The house is due to be completed in early 2013 and this will serve as a small but significant example of further commissions with Gaudi tiling to be completed by us.

We have a small team of specialist Thai constructors. Two of our construction specialists have been trained in Gaudi art and tiling by a Spanish Craftsman and are now able to re-produce this fine detailed and amazingly colorful artwork here in Thailand.

Examples of this Spanish craftsmanship can be produced on walls both inside and out and even swimming pool walls or other wet surfaces can be Gaudi tiled.

Gaudi tiling takes longer to produce than ordinary tiling and is always an original. Many types of color combinations and tiling types can be expertly put together to make a unique and stunning work of art.

Prices depend on material costs but as a guide expect to pay from Baht 1000 to 5000+ per meter² . Consultations can be arranged through us, as below:

Please contact us at or by telephoning Thai 0883 310 5806 or English 0806 707 036 


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